Viscosupplementation for Joint Pain

Joint pain is quite common, especially among the elderly. It can be caused by injury, joint inflammation, infection, or in some rare cases, cancer of the joint. While the most common joint pain complaints include knee, shoulder, and hip pain, it can affect any part of the body, from your feet and ankles to shoulders and hands.

Joint pain can range from mildly irritating to debilitating. But even short-term pain and swelling can affect your quality of life. At Advanced Regenerative Medicine, we offer a non-operative, minimally invasive procedure to help patients find relief from joint pain.

Our joint pain relief model involves a combination of joint injections, an unloading knee brace or pelvic leveling brace, and a comprehensive physical therapy program. Our model lasts six to eight weeks and has little to no recovery time. Although individual results vary, some patients experience immediate relief.

Accurate Joint Injections
When administering joint injections, our medical staff utilize a fluoroscope to look inside your joints in real-time. That way, we can administer the injections accurately, providing the best possible outcome from each injection. FDA approved since 2015, GenVisc 850 guided knee injections are also covered by AARP and Federal Medicare. The procedure is highly safe and very effective.

Physical Therapy Is Crucial

Physical therapy can help manipulate damaged joints, improve their overall motion, and reduce joint pain. Along with our joint injections, physical therapy also helps spread the viscosupplement within the joint for better results.

Unloading Knee Brace

If you’re suffering from knee joint pain, an unloading knee brace can help with joint pain by reducing the pressure on the cartilage of the knee and kneecap. It’s adjustable, and the unloading effects also aid the injected viscosupplement to bond easily with the existing synovial fluid.
We’ve found that this combined approach is one of the main reasons for our success in treating joint pain.