Pelvic Leveling Brace

We all recall the song “the knee bone is connected to the…..hip bone”. Right? Well knee problems have a dramatic effect on your lower back and pelvis. An uneven, unbalanced pelvis has a dramatic effect on your knees and your regenerative treatment recovery. We test and verify if you have pelvic imbalance in order to respect what is called the “kinetic chain”. That means if your pelvis is out of alignment, your knees will struggle to heal. So we take care of them both!
Varus and Valgus adjustments lessens the pain and aids the viscosupplement
in bonding ​with the knee joints existing synovial fluid
Rivets are used instead of screws that can come loose or break
Cushioned with memory foam to avoid skin irritation extended wear time
Fits beneath most pants and clothes so patients are more likely to wear it
Cost Effective
Low cost with high quality ​and solid ​insurance coverage

Knee Braces

In addition to in-patient procedures it is also important to provide home care remedies that can extend the positive healing process beyond the clinical setting resulting in truly efficient outpatient pain management protocols. Over years of testing in our model training centers utilizing hundreds of patients as a sample group Integrative Practice Solutions has developed an advanced Osteoarthritis knee-unloading support device.

This device has been shown to increase joint space, reducing the pressure on the cartilage of the knee as well as the knee capsule. This un-loading effect allows the viscosupplement of choice that has been injected to bond with the bodies existing synovial fluid with greater ease resulting in both faster and longer lasting positive patient outcomes.

Proudly introducing our new OA-3000 single hinge knee unloading brace specifically designed for the care of patients suffering from Osteoarthritis of the knee.

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